Experiencing Peace
April 2, 2019

Peace. We all want it. It is a feeling that everything is right in the world. Defined in four, key ways,…

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The Rabbit Hole
March 19, 2019

Have you ever tried to chase a rabbit? Rabbits look enticing, but they are hard to catch. I remember watching our…

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It Can’t Be Taken From You
March 12, 2019

If you are in a job search right now, either actively or passively, you might find the process makes you anxious…

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Facing the Unexpected: Career Transitions
March 5, 2019

To this day, I remember hearing the words, “Your name is on the list.” Those six words marked the beginning of…

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Why Not?
February 12, 2019

Have you ever wondered, Why? We all have. I do regularly. This usually occurs when something bad has happened to us…

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Loneliness: Addressing the Ache of Unemployment
February 4, 2019

Life has changed. You were once part of a team who needed your help, who had questions that required your input…

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My Role is Listening
January 15, 2019

I am the wife of Dale, author of How Long, O Lord, How Long? Devotions for the Unemployed & Those Who…

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Don’t Look Back
January 1, 2019

At the end of each year and as the new year begins, we often look back at where we have been…

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Celebrate Christmas!
December 25, 2018

In Charles Dickens bestselling novel, A Christmas Carol, which we enjoy at this time each year, Ebenezer Scrooge opened his window,…

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Friendly Fire
December 18, 2018

We often hear about friendly fire as it relates to military conflicts. Most recently in the news, we heard about the…

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